Kargil War - Naresh Chandra Das

"The Memoirs of Kargil War in 1999" by Sub. Major Shri Naresh Chandra Das is a first-hand experience or saga of life of Army people in Warfront in general and here specially in Kargil. this book highlights the bravery of our national heroes. It is about the unsung, practical tale of the untold stories of unknown, forgotten national heroes in our armed forces who ventured their life to protect our motherland, sacrificing their personal happiness, conjugal life, social life, family life with a determined will to protect us and our motherland. This book has a narrative of the geographical difficulties in Kargil sector, the weapons used, the sacrifices of our martyrs in Kargil warfront. The mentation or psychological inflow of a soldier who is exposed to all sorts of evil forces coming from beyondour border in a straight forward manner and in lucid language is the true gift to readers. This book will inspire several generations to come and will upfold patriotism in every Indian.

Shri Naresh Chandra Das
- Sub Major Shri Naresh Chandra Das in his present book has highlighted the undaunted bravery of Indian soldiers in Kargil war front. He himself being a part of the army in 1999 Kargil War has gone through the toughest experiences during the war. Shri Naresh Chandra Das by avocation is a philanthropist, now engaged after his retirement in several social welfare activities like thalassemia organisation, Blood donation camp organisation. He is a front runner for providing help and support to the under privileged people. Born at Koaldanga in Ambika Kalna, Purba Bardhaman on 26th October 1963 Shri Naresh Chandra Das since his birth was adventurous. In 1983 he entered in the profession of a soldier but to him Indian army is an altar for sacrifice. He passed post graduation diploma from Chandigarh Rani Durgavati University and became all India National Army Management graduate from New Delhi. He retire as a sub major from Indian army. He took part in Kargil war in 1999 and this book is his first hand experiences in that war front.
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